Top Ten Toys for Babies 5 months and Under


Top Ten Toys for Babies 5 months and Under


Over the past couple months my most requested blog post my followers have asked me to write about is what toys and activities I use daily with Amadeo and what I recommend for which ages. So here it is mamas all our FAVOURITE toys we own and love!

***I will include all links and prices to these items but this is in no way a sponsored or affiliated post, this is purely my opinion of the items I have purchased myself or have been gifted to me and Amadeo by family or friends :)***

  1. Skip Hop Vibrant Village Play Mat – $149.99

I added this play mat from Skip Hop on my baby shower registry from Buy Buy Baby, because I LOVED the modern design that had beautiful high contrast colours that are perfect for infant development. Another bonus to this mat which I have grown to love and recommend a million percent over the foam tile play mats, is that its SOOOOO EASY TO CLEAN, super hygienic, and SO comfy and squishy, I wish my whole main floor was made out of this material. I’m able to run my Dyson vacuum on it on either setting no problem and use non toxic cleaning products to easily disinfect germs! Win Win!




2. Skip Hop Vibrant Village Smart Lights Activity Mat – $134.99

Same as the Skip Hop Play Mat I chose this Activity mat for all of the features it had for infant development. It hits all of your babies senses and is really great from infant on again because of the high contrast colours and patterns. It also lights up and plays music, so cool! Amadeo has loved this mat from day one!





3. All kinds of Sensory Balls – Prices range from $5.00 to $15.00


Infantino textured ball set, we own a couple different sets and Amadeo loves playing with these balls for so many different reasons. He’s able to explore and feel different textures, some are super easy for him to grasp and suck on, and he is always mesmerized by the beautiful bright colours!


Oball ( my favourite ball EVER! ) Amadeo has been confidently playing with his ball as young as 2 months old! It’s his favourite toy and likes it so much that I have multiples for outings and at home play. Its light weight and super easy for them to grasp and hold on to, plus Amadeo favourite game is sticking his tongue through the holes and thinks its hilarious.


Spiked rubber shapes are from the Dollarama, they were $2.50 each and are sooooo cool! Amadeo loves putting them in his mouth and feeling the spikes. We’ve been playing with these from 2 months old till now. He also loves when I take his socks off and put them where he has his naked feet, its a different sensory experience.


Stress Balls from Terra 20 were a gift from friends and they are SO cool! I definatly recommend purchasing, they are a really cool texture and feeling and they are good for mommy to fidget with too in stressful situations! Bonus!



4. Squiz from Scholars choice were a gift Amadeo got from my co-workers at daycare! This hands down is my FAVOURITE daycare toy for quiet table top play. They are so cool and suction to almost any surface including eachother so they can be built up. I add other toys to this for example, I use the green ones as trees and add farm animals, I used all the blue ones and add boats, fish or marine animals, I mean the possibilities for different play set ups are endless. These are also amazing for child directed play, their imagination runs wild and its so cool to see their suction creations. I have been giving these to Amadeo since he was two months. They are AMAZINGLY easy for him to grasp as well as a great teething aid! I HIGHLY recommend adding a set or two to your child’s toy collection for any age range, its a toy that will grow with your child beautifully as they use it in different ways at different stages.



5. Grimm’s Conical Stacking Tower is such a beautiful hand crafted wooden toy Amadeo got for Christmas. I cant wait to grow his Grimm’s wooden toy collection. Amadeo LOVES the beautiful bright colours as well as the texture of the wood in his mouth, the pieces are also easy for him to hold at 5 months and challenges him because they are heavier then his plastic toys he’s used to. Grimm’s toys are pricey but you have to look at these toys as a true investment, they will be played with by your children 5 months all the way till grade 6 at least! I HIGHLY recommend checking out all of the different Grimm’s creations accounts I have listed on my Grimm’s post on Instagram, its crazy what children are creating independently as well as with their parents!



6. Anything Eric Carle! As an educator and now mommy I LOVE all of the stories, art work and toys that the company The World Of Eric Carle puts out. I love the brand so much that it was the theme for our Baby Shower, check out that blog post for pictures! So far all the Eric Carle toys and books we own as from a mixture of Amazon, BuyBuyBaby and Winners, Homesense and Marshalls. They are affordable and bring so much to the table developmental wise!






7. The Infantino Pat and Play Water Mat – $7.99

As an educator I know how crucial it is to have sensory be a big part of a child’s learning and development, however as an infant it can be difficult to incorporate. Amadeo is at the age were EVERYTHING he gets his hands on will go into his mouth and he also hasn’t started eating solids so we are limited to contained sensory play. I love the infantino water mat because its affordable and I hate the diy sensory bags out of ziplocs because its next to impossible to have them not leek fluid, and yes I’ve tried everything after a couple plays or elapsed time they also leek fluid. I use the water mat for keeping tummy time interesting as well as I put it under his feet for a different sensory intake.



8. Teething Toys!

The Zoli Teether – $19.99

Baby Banana Toothbrush – $9.99

I realize there are a lot of AMAZING teethers on the market and I own almost all of them but my son started teething at 3 month ( ugh ) and even now at 5 months its really difficult for him to properly grasp and use any of the other teethers properly because he’s so young. These are the ONLY two that from 3 months to now that he can use 100% on his own with confidence and provides him with relief!


Follow my Instagram account @mylittlelambblog and you will see these in use almost daily in my stories!


9. Stacking cups!

You can find all sorts of different sets and shapes of stacking cups. Amadeo got his as a Christmas present and loves them because he can hold them with use do to the thin lip on the cups. They are light weight making them easy for him to hold for long periods of time and these one even have holes so are perfect in the bath as well!




We also play a really fun game together as a family with Amadeo when he is in his Bumbo. He ends up throwing and pushing off the cups and my husband and I have to get them back on within 5 seconds, like a the floor is lava game, he laughs and just loves it!



10. Evenflo Jungle Quest Excersaucer – $143.99

Last but certainty not least is an Excersaucer. Amadeo is 5 months old and has built up enough strength in his neck to confidently play in a Excersaucer which equals the HAPPIEST day in motherhood. You can go pee, do dishes, shower, etc and not feel guilty! They are happily having independent play and entertain themselves for a bit (FINALLY) so in my eyes its a WIN WIN and I 10000000 million percent say as soon as your child is capable get them in one! This Excersaucer is super cool because I actually bought it for my nephew 6 years ago and now Amadeo is using his cousins, woot woot!



Once you pass the six month mark there is SO much open to keep them entertained and growing developmentally, most of which is extremely cost effective and you can easily DIY.

Let me know if you have any other questions pertaining to our daily activities I always love hearing from you, as well as if you have or purchase anything I’ve recommended let me know how you and your children like using them!



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