Modified Painting for Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers

Modified Painting for Infants , Toddlers and Preschoolers

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The days in mama land seem to be getting longer and longer as we exit January (which was cold and snowy as hell) and enter February with not much warmth in sight.

All us moms are feeling it, cabin fever to the max! Guess who else is feeling it…… bingo those little gremlins that we’ve birthed! We are all just starting to really go stir crazy with the mixture of a million cm of snow piling up outside our doors and the polar vortex taking in effect any simple creative activity we can implement to break our day up is SOOOOOOO valuable! Doing this can actually help reset those irritable moments of boredom mixed with just a little bit of psycho!

Rekah from is a fellow educator and we started bouncing off the idea that once in while it would be great to collaborate some simple easily activities for parents to implement and it would also be a great opportunity have some adult conversations and our children could get together as well.

Between the two of us we have one infant, one toddler and one preschooler so we thought what better way but to do some simple, easy and cost effective painting activities parents can easily do with their children at any of those stages.

Infant – Ziploc bag painting

When doing any sort of painting project with an infant its always a good idea if they are going to be touching the actual paint that its non-toxic because everything, I mean everything, gets put into their mouths. But there’s a easier no mess (oh yeah mama I said no mess!) way of doing a painting activity with your infants!

Materials used :

  • Paper
  • A large Ziploc bag
  • Paint

Place the paper into the Ziploc bag and add dabs of paint inside, then seal the bag and voilà, its that simple! Give to your infant to explore!

*****Infant disclaimer, anytime you are doing a activity with an infant supervision is required at all times for their safety!

This painting activity is great to help make tummy time more stimulating as well as letting them explore new senses and colours up close. I always love seeing the reaction from infants when you do an activity like this, that in its self is worth any sort of prep.


My child also attempted to eat and roll around on the mat with his plastic bag and paints.


Amadeo was super proud of his art work!


Toddler – Simple stamp painting with household products

Bekah brought over different textured items that where around the house for Juni to stamp with. She placed the items into the paint and then stamped them on the paper to reveal an imprint. For each item she used a different piece of paper as well as paint colour.

**** Toddler disclaimer, my kitchen is white from top to bottom so for my sanity and kitchens cleanliness we taped down brown Ikea craft paper and used washable Crayola paints.

Materials used :

  • Paper
  • Scented, washable Crayola paints (I picked these up at Scholars Choice)
  • Tray for paints
  • Stampers used , Duplo block, plastic screw, plastic rake, and silicone brush.
  • Apron of some sort is handy but not necessary (super cute accessory though!)

Juni really enjoyed stamping the different tools and seeing what was left on the paper once she was finished. We used this opportunity to ask her about what colours she was using and what shapes the stamps were leaving on the paper.



Pre-schooler – Salad spinner marble painting

This is a classic daycare no mess painting activity that’s great for preschool, and kindergarten age children.

Materials used:

  • Salad spinner
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Marbles

All you need to do is trace the inside of the salad spinner onto a piece of paper, cut it out, place inside said salad spinner, dip the marbles in the paint and woohoo spin away! Again this painting activity will leave no mess and your kids will love how fun it is for them to spin and the sound it makes!

**** Pres-school disclaimer, Some children will need help holding the salad spinner so they can turn the top:)

Max was too busy playing with all the toys so Juni our artist extraordinaire did this painting activity as well.






Bekah and I hope this can easily add some excitement to your everyday at home with your little ones! If you try these simple painting activities please tag us in your posts, we would love to see how it turns out!


Vanessa: @mylittlelambblog

Happy Painting!




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