Let’s get to know each other

Social media and more specifically Instagram was a platform created to form genuine connections. I know with how the app is presented we can easily get lost in the “scroll roll” or looking up information that we may need from experts, but the magic behind MY LITTLE LAMB for me has always been these amazing conversations and relationships that have formed through this community in my direct messages.

Now more then ever I try to use this platform as how it was intended. Bridging that gap between screens and filling that horrible void of feeling isolated and alone. Parenthood is hard enough, we need to build up supports. I’m hoping that you will take a little bit from me and read others submissions to see if there are commonalities. When you are going through similar struggles as someone else and have the same interests or children around the same age, we can support each other and offer solidarity.

After reading my submissions in LET’S GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER , copy and paste these to your notes, fill in the answers and post in the comments on my latest Instagram post on my feed with this picture ……




Number of Children:

Name & Age of Child/Children:

Favourite Pastime:

Hobbies/ Interests:

Biggest struggles as a parent:

I cant wait to get to know you better! The name of the game is feeling less like we are on a deserted island, we truly are all in this together!

5 Replies to “Let’s get to know each other”

  1. Thanks for this post Vanessa!

    Name: Melody
    Age: 31 (ouch … don’t write that out often lol)
    Profession: Public Health Nurse … fun times haha
    Number of children: 2! Violet is almost 4 years old and Nova is almost 10 months
    Fav pastime: shopping at homesense and winners lol and being active… without the kids haha
    Hobbies…. working on figuring those out now that I’m done having kids
    Biggest struggle: feeling isolated and questioning myself

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