Azurra’s Nursery In partnership with BuyBuyBaby Canada

This Blog post is sponsored by BuyBuyBaby Canada, All recommendations of products are my truest opinion and advice for folx putting together their dream nursery.

When we started looking at creating a registry when pregnant with my son Amadeo we were recommended to set it up in store with our local BuyBuyBaby.

They were incredibly helpful in store and when I needed guidance over the phone about what I needed as a first time parent and as well as a second time parent welcoming our baby girl this past October, so much so that many of the products that are in Azzura’s Nursery are duplicates to what we purchased, used and LOVED from three years past. Another added bonus is being able to use the 20% off coupon in store or online on almost all products. They have amazing sales on products that are excluded from the coupon often as well!

This was my inspiration for Azzura’s nursery. The emerald green crib, beiges, whites, blush pink and mustard yellow. Keeping it modern but a cozy feminine feel was my goal.

I recommend when planning out your child’s nursery to first pick which furniture you’d in the room. BuyBuyBaby was amazing and pulling multiple furniture options that fit my wants and needs. We purchased the Sweet Pea Baby 4-1 convertible crib it was the perfect colour and we loved Amadeo’s crib which was also a 4-1 convertible crib. He is currently three and using the toddler bed with bed rail and its been an amazing transition. This crib in particular comes also in white so can fit any colour scheme and or theme you’re hoping for within your child’s nursery. You can find it linked below for easy shopping and I highly recommend looking at all their furniture options, We ordered and a few weeks later it arrived right at our door ready to be assembled. The crib mattress we have for Azzura is also from BuyBuyBaby, Monarch II Deluxe Innerspring Crib Mattress by Colgate Mattress® it feels more comfy than our mattress, and most important is that it’s safe for sleep.

We brought in Amadeo’s Nursery chair that we purchased with gift cards from our shower from BuyBuyBaby three years ago. Its comfortable, modern and does the job, this time around I’m nursing and the chair has been a wonderful support in those late night feeds. It’s the Davinci Olive glider. At this time it doesn’t come up for link searching. I do recommend if possible to purchase this piece in person, you will be spending a lot of time in this chair you want it to be comfortable!

The Dresser was something I wanted to be neutral most likely white and BuyBuyBaby had the exact one that I wanted, which also comes in other colours. It’s solid wood and great quality my partner wanted me to make sure to include this did take some time to put together. Again there are so many options to choose from online and in store when it comes to nursery furniture or furniture that Bed Bath and Beyond sells that its worth it to check out no matter the budget.

The next items are practical items needed for your babies nursery and we re purchased mostly duplicates from products that we purchased for Amadeo three years prior. The only item we purchased new was our baby monitor because we wanted a reliable monitor with two cameras. We chose the Motorola® VM855-2 Connect 5-Inch WiFi Video Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras, I’m able to choose to not turn on the wifi, the range, picture quality, sound, microphone communication is great and we have been using it now for four months no issues. We spent a lot of time getting advise from the inshore employees on what they recommended for our wants and needs and we settled on this.

Hands down my favourite practical baby product us the Bubble Diaper Pail! Previous to getting pregnant and starting our registry I hadn’t realized that there were any other options besides the diaper genie’s for diaper pails. The Bubble is a great size, is great at keeping odours inside the pail, easy to clean and disinfect and the best part, you don’t have to purchase specific bags to go inside. We use our Costco kitchen bags and they work perfectly! Amadeo still uses diapers and pull ups so we needed a second for Azzura’s Nursery.

Sound machine was another product we knew that we wanted the same as Amadeo, we purchased Amadeo’s from a local business which is no longer exists but I was happy to see that BuyBuyBaby carried it so it was again a one stop shop for us. Yogasleep Whish™ 16-Sounds White Noise Machine has great options and it just works so well for Amadeo that we were happy to repurchase. Amadeo sleeps to Ocean and we are hoping Azzura will as well when she starts to sleep overnight in her nursery!

Last but not least my breast pump! With Amadeo we purchased the sonata medela breast pump from BuyBuyBaby, it worked great for the three months I used it, its hospital grade, amazing suction, I would definitely recommend to a person who wishes to exclusively pumps. This time around I’m nursery and offering the occasional bottle and my needs as a mom of two three and under changed. I wanted something that could truly be portable, convenient, have great battery life, good suction and easy to use and clean. With the recommendation of my stores employee who helped me we went with the Medela® Freestyle Flex™ Portable Double Electric Breast Pump with Bag and honestly its my favourite parenthood purchase yet! If you follow my instagram stories you know how much I love and show off this amazing pump! I highly recommend it!

Azzuras Nursery is one of my favourite rooms in our home, it’s warm and inviting and I truly can’t wait to make so many loving memories in there with her as she grows. I’m thankful for the resources and expertise that BuyBuyBaby Canada brings into our home surrounding parenthood. Happy Shopping and feel free to share your littles nurseries with me on Insatgram at @vanessaravalico interior design is my favourite pastime to pin on pintrest!

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