Chefs Plate Canada’s most affordable meal kit, why I put my stamp of approval.

This post is sponsored by Chefs Plate, I am a Chefs Plate food box subscription customer and have been for years, this review and recommendation is honest and truthful.

I LOVE to cook, its cathartic, relaxing and is apart of my self care. Cooking is a ritual that I grew to love when my partner and I purchased our first home together, however making a meal from start to finish has been influenced in my upbringing and apart of my families Italian heritage.

I was put on modified bed rest at 24 weeks pregnant and wasn’t able to spend too much time on my feet so, shopping, prepping and cooking was out of the question. During this time I started this blog, my bed rest passion project. I had a lot of down time to think, and over think, what life might be like as a new mom. What the routines would look like, day to day tasks, what physical supports I would have access too, how my mental health would fair, the list goes on and on.

I was diagnosed at 3 months postpartum with postpartum depression and Anxiety. I worked with my team of health practitioners and therapists to come up with supports that would help me work through my emotions and feelings during this time and one of those things was to practice self care.

Introducing cooking back into my life as a new mother was important and Chefs Plate Food Subscription Box made sure I was eating properly, actually made it possible to have food in my fridge to cook, made the days that were tough better as it took the prep and time to grocery shop out of the equation. The convenience, dependability, food quality and affordability was important to me then as much as it is today.

With my now toddler he gets excited for our weekly Chefs Plate Delivery, He pushes the box all the way to the kitchen, helps me unload the recipes, bags and protein. Most nights he is excited to be apart of the cooking process, and with the easy to follow recipes and everything prepared its a joy to have him be involved. Taking the stress out of the process helps connect me to those moments of taking care of myself and teaching him amazing life skills. The days Amadeo doesn’t want to be involved I put on his favorite show and enjoy that me time, while still being a mom but so much more.

The number one question I recieve from parents is how many portions do I order for myself, my partner and toddler. Amadeo doesn’t have the biggest appetite but he is adventurous in trying new foods, so every Chefs Plate is modified for a toddler in serving size and spice level. We order the portion for 2 people and we have always felt satisfied, I also add a fruit or veggie from the fridge for Amadeo to go with some of the meals.

As Back to School approaches so does adjusting to new routines, packing lunches for your child(ren), homework and Chefs Plate wants to help make it easier to fall back into a cooking routine. They will help make dinnertime easy and stress-free by skipping the prep and shopping so all you have to worry about is cooking the healthy delicious meals either solo or time well spent with the family!

 From Start to finish Chefs Plate make your entire meal cooking experience easy and stress free. All of the healthy and fresh ingredients are at your finger tips, separated, organized and ready to cook. ( in the 15 minute meal options items are cut and prepped for you)

There are so many options to choose from each week and it gives me and my family the opportunity to learn and appreciate food from many different cultures, enjoy new flavors without the huge spice collection, and have such amazing variety from week to week. I have yet to choose the same recipe twice in two years!

To save use the affiliate link below ( I will get a small percentage at no extra cost to you) to save 50% off your first two boxes!!! On going!

Click the link Above to save and use code : MYLAMB2X50

If you have any questions about the Chefs Plate Food Kits let me know in the comments, I’d be happy to help in any way possible!

Vanessa Ravalico

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